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Fuzzball Concept Art by MarioRPGEmilie
Fuzzball Concept Art

In the future, my friend :iconairusana: and I are planning to make a little game about our original characters, and these “fuzzballs”.

Here’s some concept art I drew over the past few days, some characters are my own and some belong to her.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you for looking at our art!


© me and :iconairusana:

Idoemi by MarioRPGEmilie
A ghost like creature my friend :iconairusana: and I designed for a secret project that we hope to show you guys more of in the future!

All I'll say is, it involves fuzzballs.
Fire n' Thunderrrr by MarioRPGEmilie
Fire n' Thunderrrr

Yet another pic of mine of Mario and Luigi using the firebrand and thunderhand from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.

I didn’t draw the background, though I did add a little to it. Sorry for this being an eye burner!!! :iconimveryseriousplz:

Hey look, something not Final Fantasy related for once.

Super Mario is © to Nintendo

Feels plz by MarioRPGEmilie
Feels plz
Uhh, Sabin with and OC of mine. 8'3

Son of a blitz, Em, you're supposed to play video games, not fall in love with characters from them all the time... :iconfuuuplz:

I didn't draw the background.

But seriously guys, you should probably just ignore me, I'm being a

FFVI © Square
-::Locke and Celes::- by MarioRPGEmilie
-::Locke and Celes::-

I've been so discouraged with my art lately, I start a sketch and finish the majority of it, and I’m just not really satisfied with it. So, I forced myself to sit down and finish a picture, trying not to start on some other random project. So, I apologize for my lack of submissions lately...

Anyways, here’s a picture of Locke and Celes from Final Fantasy VI. It has such amazing characters and story-line!

I didn't draw the background, it was a photo I tried to make look like a painting. :iconimseriousplz:

FFVI © Square 

I'll be going to a swim meet for around 4 days today, so a quadrillion pardons for my lack of uploading and activity that is going to occur. :B



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Emilie Mesman
Artist | Student
United States
Hmm...I don't really know at the moment. Other than, I love Popple from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga a lot and also Sabin from Final Fantasy VI. asdfghjhkhjgkhjhgjkhgjkhj
And I love eating pasta almost as much. It's so good! :heart:

As you may have already noticed, I do love to fool around and attempt to be funny, even though I know I can get annoying sometimes. Feel free to chat with me, for I enjoy making new friends!!!


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