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-::4 OCs: More Concept Art::- by MarioRPGEmilie
-::4 OCs: More Concept Art::-
Sorry for not submitting anything in a while, guys! :iconohnoesplz:

My friend :iconairusana: and I have been designing some more OCs for an upcoming project that I do not wish to give too much away about yet.

So here are 4 original characters of ours, in order from left to right, Linena, Enite, Jair and Reset.

I hope you all like our designs! ^0^

Who do you all like the best? *bricked*
-::Earthbound OC- Pasta Kid::- by MarioRPGEmilie
-::Earthbound OC- Pasta Kid::-

We got the Apple Kid, the Orange Kid…now how about another inventor, the Pasta Kid, another little boy? ……....or maybe a seductive woman. :iconimveryseriousplz:

She claims to be 15 years old. Is this true? Who knows.

To all the sane people out there, no, I have no idea where my mind is right now. Just a strange concept of Em if she were in the Earthbound universe.

With that said, she'll definitely have her sight set on a particular character. >3

-::By the Poolside::- by MarioRPGEmilie
-::By the Poolside::-
All right, I really don't want to spam you guys with IRL photos of me and whatnot, but I really like how this one came out. ♥

A friend came over to my house and took this photo! She's really talented!! ^-^
-::Earthbound- Jeff::- by MarioRPGEmilie
-::Earthbound- Jeff::-

 Shh, just let me enjoy my nerd fetish to its fullest extent. >3

I just started playing this game yesterday, thanks to this troll   a friend of mine, :iconairusana:.

I didn't get that far yet, but apparentlyIalreadyhaveafavoritecharacterapparently.

Humanized Iggy Concept Thing by MarioRPGEmilie
Humanized Iggy Concept Thing
Well, I've been wanting to design a human version of Iggy lately, and I never really got around to doing so.

Nonetheless, here's a little concept art for it, not my best work, because I was just pretty much scribbling through this, but I thought I might share it with you guys anyway. :)

Super Mario is © to Nintendo

Pff, sorry for the lack of submissions lately everyone, I'm just working on another relatively large project and have been a bit busy. :XD:

Just thought I'd say so, and hopefully I'll get to messages etc soon. :)



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Emilie Mesman
Artist | Student
United States
Hmm...I don't really know at the moment. Other than, I love Popple from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Iggy Koopa a lot. 'Cause you know, palm trees are beautiful. :iconohohoplz:
And I love eating pasta almost as much. It's so good! :heart:

As you may have already noticed, I do love to fool around and attempt to be funny, even though I know I can get annoying sometimes. Feel free to chat with me, for I enjoy making new friends!!!



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